Start Time End Time Lecture Faculty
8:00 AM 9:00 AM Sponsored Session by TWO2 
8:00 AM 9:00 AM Topical Wound Oxygen Home Therapy During The Covid-19 Pandemic Prof. Frykberg
9:00 AM 9:30 AM Inaugural Session for DFSI and ADFS and Welcome from DFSI and ADFS Presidents Arun Bal, MD. Venu Kavarpathu, MD
9:30 AM 10:00 AM Diabetic Foot Ulcer - Update on Guidelines and The Role For Surgery Robert Frykberg, DPM, MPH
10:00 AM 10:30 AM Diabetic Foot Infections - Antibiotics are Not Enough Venu Kavarthapu, MD
10:30 AM 11:00 AM Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis - Evidence and Surgical Strategies Luca Dalla Paola, MD
11:00 AM 11:30 AM The Silent Predator - Managing the Ischemic Limb in the New Decade Luuk Smeets, MD
11:30 AM 12:00 PM Surgical Offloading for the Acute and Chronic DFU - Time Tested Procedures Armin Koller, MD
12:00 PM 12:30 PM The Model Diabetic Foot Unit - How We Did It and Why It Works Chris Attinger, MD
12:30 PM 01:00 PM Live Question & Answer Session Venu Kavarthapu, MD
01:00 PM 02:00 PM Sponsored Session by BONESUPPORT AB 
01:00 PM 01:40 PM Use of a Local Antibiotic Eluting Bone Graft Substitute in Diabetic Foot Surgery Venu Kavarthapu, MD
01:40 PM 02:00 PM Question and Answers Venu Kavarthapu, MD & David Ball
02:00 PM 02:30 PM The Gangrenous Foerfoot - Partial Foot Amputations Made Simple Arun Bal, MD
02:30 PM 03:00 PM Is there a Role for Prophylactic Surgery in the Non-Ulcerated Foot? Armin Koller, MD
03:00 PM 03:30 PM Functional Amputations - Concepts to Improve Outcomes Chris Attinger, MD
03:30 PM 04:00 PM Reconstructing The Charcot Foot - Principles and Pitfalls Venu Kavarthapu, MD
04:00 PM 04:30 PM Managing the Charcot Ankle - Lessons Learned Dane Wukich, MD
04:30 PM 05:00 PM Live Question and Answer Session Luca Dalla Paola, MD
05:00 PM 06:00 PM Virtual Annual General Assembly meeting for ADFS members only
Start Time End Time Speaker Topic
8:00 AM 8:30 AM Cadomer Session - JB Chemicals  
8:00 AM 8:30 AM Dr. Arun Bal (Mumbai) Experience of cadexomer Iodine in India
8:30 AM 9:00 AM Sponsored Session by TEKNA  
8:30 AM 8:45 AM Dr.VB Narayanamurthy (Chennai) Hyperbaric, The Last Frontier – Closing the loop for Effective Wound Care
8:45 AM 9:00 AM Dr. Tyler Sexton (USA) Hyperbaric Therapy: More than wounds? Does Equipment Matter?
Diabetic foot - in time of COVID
9:00 AM 9:50 AM Dr. Arun Bal (Mumbai) Biomechanics of the diabetic foot
Dr. David Armstrong (USA) Limb in the time of COVID
Dr. Lee Roger (USA) Wound clinic without borders - The Covid Boundary
Neuropathy and Diabetic foot
9:50 AM 10:40 AM Dr.VB Narayanamurthy (Chennai) Neuropathy and the diabetic foot
Dr. Ashu Rastogi (PGIMER-Chandigarh) Evaluating and Managing Painful diabetic neuropathy
Dr. Lee Dellon (USA) Tarsal tunnel release - when and How
10:40 AM 11:00 AM Panel discussion-Dr.Arun Bal, Dr.Ashu Rastogi , Dr.VB Narayanamurthy
Reconstructive Surgery session
11:00 AM 11:55 AM Dr. Raja Sabapathy (Coimbatore) Reconstructive ladder in DFU
Dr. J.P.Hong (South Korea) Local flaps for the plantar foot
Dr. Rajesh Kesavan (Chennai) Prophylactic Surgeries for the Diabetic foot
12:00 PM 01:00 PM Dr. Christopher Attinger (USA) DFSI ANNUAL Oration
01:00 PM 02:00 PM Sponsored Session by Urgo Session - Infection & Biofilm Management in Chronic Wounds  
Panel Chairman :
Dr. Arun Bal: Infection and Biofilms in chronic wound (-10 min)
Moderator & introduction to speakers: Dr. Raju Ahluwalia ( -5 min)
Mr. Emilio Galea (Urgo representative) Urgoclean AG Product launch (-5 min)
Dr. Sreenivas,: Urgoclean AG Clinical cases (-8 min)
Dr. Sanjay Sharma: Urgoclean AG Clinical cases (-8 min)
Dr. Venkateshwaran: Urgoclean AG Clinical Cases ( -8 min)
Announcement of Urgo Medical DFU Awareness Campaign ( -8 min)
Q&A & conclusion ( -12 min)
Video Workshop sessions
02:00 PM 04:10 PM Dr.Saravana Kumar (Madurai) Total contact cast
Dr. Deepak Selvaraj (Vellore) Compression therapy for venous insufficiency and lymphedema
Dr. Vibhakar Vachranjani Dressings - the finer points
Dr. Raneesh Kumar(Chennai) Popliteal and Ankle blocks
Dr.Felix Jebasingh, Dr.Nihar Thomas and Team ( Vellore) Offloading for Developing countries
Dr. Gulapar (Thailand) Practical tips for lowcost footwear for the developing world
04:10 PM 04:30 PM Panel Discussion - Dr.Saravanan/Dr.Deepak/Dr.Vibhakar/Dr.Raneesh/Dr.Felix
Vascular Sessions
04:30 PM 05:40 PM Dr. Ravul Jindal (Mohali) Arterial insufficiency in Diabetic foot- the present strategies
Dr. Sriram Narayanan (Singapore) Venous ulcers-newer learnings in management
Dr. Dhruv Singal (USA) Surgical management of Lymphoedema
Dr. Satish Ramamurthy (Chennai) Angioplasty for healing Diabetic foot wounds
05:40 PM 06:00 PM Panel Discussion - Dr.Ravul Jindal/Dr.Satish Ramamurthy/Dr.VB Narayanamurthy
06:00 PM 06:30 PM Sponsored Session by Convatec  
06:00 PM 06:30 PM Dr. Sunil Choudhary FIGHT BIOFILMS TO ADVANCE HEALING" - My Experiences of New Age Intervantional Approaches
06:30 PM 07:00 PM Sponsored Session by WOXHEAL
06:30 PM 07:00 PM Dr.Arun Bal (Mumbai) WOXheal [Diperoxochloric acid] topical solution – A New Chemical Entity in the management of DFU
07:00 PM 08:00 PM Dr.Aziz Nather(Singapore) Planning your Research and How to Write It
Dr.Sudhir Jain (Guwahati) DF Management- A customised approach
Dr.Sunil Kari (Hubli) When not to operate on a Diabetic foot
08:00 PM 08:15 PM Panel Discussion - Dr.Sunil Kari/Dr.Sudhir Jain
Start Time End Time Speaker Topic
8:00 AM 8:30 AM Sponsored Session by SUN PHARMA  
8:30 AM 9:00 AM Sponsored Session by Dr. Reddy's  
8:30 AM 8:45 AM Dr.S.Srinivas Role of Dermal Regeneration Template in Chronic Wounds & Long Term Benefits in patient's Life.
8:45 AM 9:00 AM Gnaneswar Attaru Clinical & Cost effectiveness of Dermal Regeneration Template A Real World Scenario
Miscellaneous aspects of DF
Dr. Archana Singal (Delhi) Managing Ingrown toe nail
Dr.Neena Chitnis (Mumbai) Rheumatological aspects of Diabetic foot
Dr. Madhu Periasamy (Coimbatore) Skin Grafts- The right and easy way - tips and tricks
Dr. Sanjay Vaidya (Mumbai) Non surgical approach towards effective wound healing
Dr. Tushar Rege (Mumbai) Amputation or Foot Conservation -factors deciding the outcome
10:40 AM 11:00 AM Panel Discussion - Dr.Aparna Patankar/Dr.Archana Singal/Dr.Neena Chitnis/Dr.Madhu Periasamy/Dr.Sanjay Vaidya/Dr.Tushar Rege
Newer Technology
11:00 AM 12:40 PM Dr. Ravi Chittoria (Pondicherry) Role of newer technologies in managing DF Part2
Dr. Raj Mani (U.K) Advances in Wound Tech
Dr. Paul Kim (USA) Negative Pressure wound therapy, tips and tricks
Dr. Milind Ruke (Mumbai) Negative presure theraphy - indian context
Dr. Srinivas Seshabattaru (Hyderabad) Coupling technologies to achieve limb salvage
Dr. Manisha Singh (Gwalior)
Panel Discussion
Telemedicine in Diabetic foot management
12:40 PM 01:00 PM Panel Discussion
01:00 PM 01:30 PM Sponsored Session by Wockhardt  
01:00 PM 01:30 PM Dr.Jaishid Ahdal New Standard of care for management of MRSA DFI with Levonadifloxacin
01:30 PM 02:00 PM Sponsored Session by Xarelto-Bayer
01:30 PM 01:45 PM Dr. March Bonaca Protecting Patients with PAD across the disease spectrum
01:45 PM 02:00 PM Dr. Paresh Pai Selecting the right PAD patient for rivaroxaban vascular
02:00 PM 03:40 PM Dr.Prashanth Vas (U.K.) The Diabetic Foot Attack: Bad Moon Rising
Dr.Jawadur Wadud (Bangladesh) Managing Diabetic foot- overcoming difficulties
Dr. Zulfiqurali Abbas(Tanzania) Managing Diabetic Foot in Sub-Saharan Africa – Lesson Learnt
Dr. Myint Thaung (Myanmar) Managing hurdles in DF care in Myanmar - my experience
Dr. Vinaya (Bangalore) Detecting and managing DF in the community
Dr. Harikrishna Nair(Malaysia) Maggots and Diabetic foot
03:40 PM 04:00 PM Panel Discussion - Dr.Prasanth Vas, Dr.Vinaya, Dr.Harikrishna Nair
04:00 PM 05:40 PM Dr.Tarun Sahni (Delhi) HBOT principles for healing diabetic foot
Dr. Eric Senneville (France) Present concepts in managing Diabetic Foot Infections
Dr. Ajaiya kumar (Trivandrum) Debridement in Diabetic foot
Dr. Arati Shahade (Pune) Diabetic Management of an infected patient
Dr. Sanjeev Kelkar (Nagpur) Managing diabetes during surgery
Dr. Edward Jude (U.K.) Conservative management of Charcot foot
05:40 PM 06:00 PM Panel Discussion-Dr.Tarun Sahni/Dr.Ajaiya Kumar/Dr.Arati Shahade/Dr.M.C.Deepak

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